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Role of the Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty at the demise of communism in 1988-1991

by Elnur Kuliev


Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) are U.S sponsored radio stations which were launched as one of the combating weapons against communism in the Soviet Union and its satellite nations in the Eastern Europe. The main aim of this paper is to analyse the role played by an organisation at bringing demise in the Soviet Union and satellite states during an end of the Cold War (1988-1991). At first this paper will provide brief background information of the main aims of RFE/RL when it was inaugurated on 1950’s. Before focussing at the period of the demise of communism, the paper will briefly focus into the changes which happened to organisation during Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  Afterwards, this paper will analyse  how radio influenced the  movements which led to  the break-up  of communism in the Soviet Union, Baltic states and Romania during 1988-1991. Continue reading